Stoner Skate Plaza Los Angeles

The Rob Dyrdek Foundation opened its fourth Safe Spot Skate Spot in the City of Los Angeles at Stoner Park.  The Rob Dyrdek Foundation partnered with California Skate Parks and the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks to help with the design of the approximately $1 million state-of-the-art skate plaza.  The 20,000 square-foot skate plaza is undoubtedly one of the finest skate spots in the world and will serve as a place where skaters can skate in a safe and legal environment.

SITE Design Group was hired to create the construction documents for the project.  The skate plaza offers granite ledges, colored concrete, along with real street features that are tactfully integrated into the park.  The Stoner Skate Plaza serves as the first Safe Spot Skate Spot in Los Angeles City Council District 11.  “I’m excited that the collaboration between the City of Los Angeles, California Skate Parks and my foundation will result in our fourth Safe Spot Skate Spot in the City of Los Angeles,” said Rob Dyrdek, the Foundation’s Founder and President. Dyrdek added, “We recognize that cities want to help address the high demand for skate plazas within their communities.  I want to thank the City of Los Angeles, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Councilmember Bill Rosendahl and the Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks for their unparalleled vision and support of the skateboarding community.”  The Rob Dyrdek Foundation plans to build at least one Safe Spot Skate Spot in each of the fifteen Council Districts within the City of Los Angeles.

Tired of skateboarders being treated as nuisances and even abused by public authorities, Dyrdek has taken it upon himself to change how the world sees the sport.  The new skateboarding havens, or Safe Spot Skate Spots, like the one at Hollenbeck, give street skateboarders a safe and legal area to skate in a park’s natural landscape complete with the desired elements such as park benches and rails.  At the heart of its mission, the Rob Dyrdek Foundation seeks to promote the sport of skateboarding by assisting municipalities with the design, development and construction of locations that maintain the integrity of terrain occurring naturally in urban environments, and where the sport of skateboarding in its purest form is encouraged rather than discouraged. For more information, contact the Rob Dyrdek Foundation at (323) 825-2831 or email us at

Stoner Skate Plaza
1835 Stoner Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90025

Date Open: July 22, 2010
Sq ft.: 20,000
Cost: $1,000,000
City: $1,000,000
RDF: $50,000 (Design Cost)