Stoner Skate Plaza Shreveport Louisiana

The Stoner Ave Skate Plaza is a remodel project to an existing skate plaza. The project was initially built in 2006 with the Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes Skate Plaza Foundation. Rob vowed to one day improve and rehab the spot. This time Rob Dyrdek Foundation & CA skateparks teamed up to completely rebuild nearly every feature. This park is fully equipped with lights and open 24 hours.

On March 7, 2011 The Rob Dyrdek Foundation and the City of Shreveport Louisiana celebrated the reopening of Shreveport’s Stoner Avenue Skate Plaza. The Rob Dyrdek Foundation covered the funding for $50,000 project. Dyrdek helped design the 12,500-square-foot park, which debuted in 2006. But what he’s learned since then revealed the original could have been better.

“It was built with cracks the size of the Grand Canyon,” Dyrdek said. “It was built with rails that weren’t even skateable — they were jammed straight into the ground. It was some flat bars that had a kink on it.” But that’s changed. Features, meant to replicate urban areas popular for skating, are safer. Benches now have rounded edges. Angles on stairs are not as steep.

Youth from Shreveport and beyond were ready to try them out. They rolled over a new bridge. Wheels clanked after catching air off a ramp. Shreveporter Kali Lynch’s favorite new element is a hubba. For nonskaters, that would be a wide ledge on the side of an outdoor staircase. “The park’s beautiful — it’s awesome,” said the 15-year-old, who splits her time between Stoner and Bossier City’s Holy Roller Skate Park. “I had fun. I love to skateboard.”

Mayor Cedric Glover put on his coaching hat to get the crowd hyped. “While he could’ve gone to some other places, he chose to come back here to Shreveport,” Glover said about Dyrdek. “I want you all to show just how thankful you are for that by letting out a big Shreveport yell.” The teens — and what wounded like at least a few adults — obliged.

The Shreveport City Council signed off on the work, which started Feb. 21, as a formality. All donations worth more than $5,000 must receive council approval.

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