Charmette Bonpua Skate Plaza

The Rob Dyrdek Foundation opened its fifth Safe Spot Skate Spot in the City of Los Angeles at Rancho Cienega Park. Rob Dyrdek, Councilmember Herb Wesson, and California Skate Parks President, Joe Ciaglia, attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the $300,000 state-of-the-art skate plaza at the Rancho Cienega Sports Complex, a City facility operated by the Department of Recreation and Parks.  The skate plaza is being named in memory of Charmette Bonpua, Councilmember Herb Wesson’s late Chief of Staff and community advocate who passed away in February. The skate spot stands as a testament to Charmette’s commitment to improving recreational opportunities for Los Angeles residents.

This public/private partnership came to fruition after the Rob Dyrdek Foundation provided $50,000 to design and assist in construction and Councilmember Wesson and the Department of Recreation and Parks worked together to secure an additional $250,000 in funds to complete the construction and landscaping improvements for the new skate plaza. The result is a 15,000 square foot skate plaza that will surely be known as one of the nation’s premier public skating venues. This is the fifth Safe Spot Skate Spot built by California Skateparks and the Rob Dyrdek Foundation and it is definitely not the last. This is a skate plaza with unique street-style skate features such as ledges, stairs, and rails, all geared toward emulating the kind of skating that practiced in the streets.

“I’m excited to open my fifth Safe Spot Skate Spot in the City of Los Angeles and our second in Council District Ten.  Each location has further cemented skateboarding’s presence  in our great City and each has become a cornerstone within the national skateboarding community” said Rob Dyrdek, the Foundation’s Founder and President.  Dyrdek added, “Beyond promoting and encouraging the sport of skateboarding, each plaza provides skateboarders with much needed legal and safe skate spots where we can enjoy the sport we love.  I want to thank the City of Los Angeles, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Councilmember Herb Wesson, the Department of Recreation and Parks and the former Chief of Staff for Council District Ten, Charmette Bonpua, for whom the skate plaza is named after and whom without none of this would be possible.”

The Charmette Bonpua Safa Spot Skate Spot incorporates street skate style themes and features stairs, rails and ledges. The new skate spot will provide a much needed legal and safe skate facility for local and visiting skateboarders. “Our kids love skateboarding. Unfortunately, there are so few places in our community where they can safely skate,” noted Councilman Wesson. “This new state-of-the-art facility is going to make a tremendous difference for our kids.”

Rob Dyrdek conceptualized and brought into reality the Safe Spot Skate Spot Program, which creates safe havens for kids to skate at across the country through the Rob Dyrdek Foundation. This is the fifth “Safe Spot Skate Spot” in the City of Los Angeles, the second Skate Plaza opened by Rob Dyrdek in the Councilmember’s district; the first being the Lafayette Park Skate Plaza. The Rob Dyrdek Foundation plans to build at least one Safe Spot Skate Spot in each of the fifteen Council Districts within the City of Los Angeles.

Charmette Bonpua Skate Plaza
5001 Rodeo Road
Los Angeles, CA 90016

Date Open: September 16, 2010
Sq ft.: 15,000
Cost: $300,000
City: $250,000
RDF: $50,000