Andres & Maria Cardenas Skate Plaza

On April 18, 2011 Rob Dyrdek and Councilmember Tony Cardenas opened a Safe Spot Skate Spot at at Andrés & María Cárdenas Recreation Center (named after Councilmember’s deceased parents) to the public. The skate plaza was designed by the Rob Dyrdek Foundation through a $75,000 grant ($50,000 in design fees and $25,000 in construction and materials. Dyrdek also donated a skate element from his Ontario Street League DC Pro Tour stop last year.

“This is a proud day for our community,” said Council member Tony Cárdenas. “Our kids now have a professionally-designed skate park right in their own neighborhood. This will become a place where youth can gather in friendship and enjoy a fun recreational activity during their free time.”

Jon Kirk Mukri, General Manager of the Department of Recreation and Parks; students of Panorama High School and Vista Middle School; and members of the Councilman’s family were also present. The ribbon cutting ceremony included two birthday cakes; one to celebrate the opening of the Skate Park and one in memory of Councilmember’s father.

“Once again, the generous efforts of STREET LEAGUE and California Skateparks have impacted the City of Los Angeles Youth,” said Dyrdek. “Cárdenas Skate Park is the latest effort in the Safe Spot Skate Spot program. Designed and constructed by California Skateparks, the plaza is sized at about 4,500 square feet and includes donated STREET LEAGUE features from the 2010 Ontario stop. Central to the plaza is the colored ledge over manual pad. This feature was modified slightly from its original form to make it more skate-able for youth.”

Andrés & María Cárdenas Recreation Center is one of the only green regions within a 2-3 mile residential area. Opened in March 2009 as a small playground, the opening of the Skate Park provides the people of the San Fernando Valley with a year round recreation and enjoyment facility. Andrés & María Cárdenas Recreation Center is approximately 20,000 sq feet. A new shade structure was installed over the children’s play area and
skate plaza. The plaza possesses both a flat bank and grinding handrail also from the Street League Skateboarding, Ontario event. In an effort to promote design uniformity, perimeter ledges are finished with burnished block to match the existing building and surrounding architecture. Council member Cárdenas was involved in identifying the location and securing Proposition 40 funding for the park.

Cardenas Skate Plaza:

14740 Blythe St. Los Angeles, CA 91402

Date Open: April 18, 2011

Sqft: 4,500
Cost: $ 450,000
City: $ 200,000
RDF: $ 250,000


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